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Sachal Sarmast

Sachal Sarmast (1739 - 1829) was a Sufi poet from Sindh, Pakistan and also known as Shair-e-Hafat Zaban (poet of seven languages) and Sartaj-i-Shuara.

There are nine collections of his Persian poetry, especially Dewan-e-Askardand Darar, which mainly consists of philosophical verses.

He wrote poems in many languages, the most prominent among which are Sindhi and Saraiki. His real name was Abdul Wahab Farooqui and "Satchel" or "Sachu", his nickname.
He used this pen-name in his poem. True, which means 'Satyavadi' - while Sindhi Saramast means 'Parmanand'.

As Sachal Sarmast saying :
من             اساں              دا               نہیں                   منیدا
مُلایاں دا                              مزکُور
My heart is doesn't agree with the discourse of priests 

The literal meaning of Sachal Sarmast can be translated as "Satyavadi Mystic" or "Parmanand Saints of Truth".

The poetic compositions of Sachalal are sung by local singers in Sindhi and Saraiki. Sachal Sarmast was a staunch follower of Waahadat-ul-Wajud (unity of existence), which is synonymous to Islamic philosophy, Hama Oost (one from all).

He was born in Daraz Sharif in 1739 and died in 1827. Your father was Khwaja Salahuddin Farooqi, who died shortly after the birth of the Sufi saint.

He was born in Daraz Sharif in 1739 and died in 1827. Your father was Khwaja Salahuddin Farooqi, who died shortly after the birth of the Sufi saint Sachal Sarmast was brought by his uncle, Khwaja Abdul Hak-i-Farooqi, who was also his teacher, spiritual leader and father-in-law.

A large number of pilgrims from all over the country gather for the Urs in Dargah Sharif. Urs celebrations last for three days, including Mehfil-e-Sam and Mushaira. The arrangements are made by the Sachal Sarmast Yadar Committee.
193rd urs were celebrated in 2014.

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Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

Shah Abdul Latif (شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ) , a Great scholar, holy and spiritual poet, was born in Hala Haveli, near Khatiyan village in Hyderabad district, Sindh, in 1689.

Your ancestors were in Afghanistan. It is said that Shah's father, Syed Habib Shah, emigrated from Matyaru and your ancestral home in Afghanistan, to Bhainpur in Sindh, to get spiritual contact with Bilawal, a devout local man.

Abdul Latif received his first training in a madrasa directed by Akhund Noor M. Bhatti. He was skilled in the knowledge of the Quran and traditions. He always carried copies of the Koran, the Masnavi Maulana room, and Risalo with his great-grandfather Shah Abdul Karim de Burli. The poet stood out in the Sindhi language. He was also proficient in the Persian, Sanskrit, Saraiki, Urdu and Baluchi languages.

Shah was a missionary and believed in practical learning. It was through his travels that he acquired the basics of most of his poems. He denounces extravagance, injustice and exploitation in all its forms and at all levels.

You have always praised simplicity and hospitality. His spiritual and mystical poetry carries a message of love and universality of the human race.

In 1713 the Sufi poet married Bibi Syeda Begum married. It was a love marriage. His wife died very young before he could have children. you  was never remarried.

In 1742, Shah Abdul Latif decides to settle in Bhit, which means "The hope of sand." With a great passion for music, he ordered musicians to play music someday. They played continuously for three days. When they stopped playing out of sheer exhaustion, they found the poet dead. He died in 1752 and is buried in Bhit. A mausoleum was built later.

Before your died, fearing that people would ignore your poetry, he destroyed all his writings by throwing them into Lake Kiran. But at the request of one of his disciples, the Sufi poet asked his servant, Mai Naimat, who had retained most of his verses, to rewrite them. The message has been recorded and compiled correctly. A copy of the compilation known as "Ganj" is stored in the mausoleum. The original copy disappeared in 1854. It was in 1866, 114 years after the poet's death, that Ernest Trumpp, a German scientist who knew Sindhi and many other languages, compiled "Risalo", a complete collection. The poetry of Shah Abdul Latif, as well as two other Sindhi scholars.

As Latif  sain Saying (Sindhi Language)

اکر ڀڙھ  الف جو ورق سڀ وسار
اندر تون اجار پنا ڀڙھندين کيترا


حرف تو پڑھ لے الف کا ساہیں دوجے ورق بھول جا
اپنے من کو اجار کیا کیا ورق پرھے گا

Read Letter A (Alif) forget all other pages cleanse your heart  how long can you read  pages after pages

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Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

Hazrat Abu Muhammad Mohiuddin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was a Sufi sheikh and the founder of the Sufi order Qaderi, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (also spelled Jilani, Gilani, Gillani, Al-Gilani) was a Sufi Sheikh and the founder of the Qadiri Sufi order (Silsila).

You were born in Ramadan in 470 AH (1077-78 AD) in the Persian province of Jilan (Iran), south of the Caspian Sea. His contribution to Sufism and Sharia law was so enormous that he became the spiritual center of his time, al-Ghawth al-Azam.

One of your titles is "al-Hasani wal Hussaini" because you have been blessed with a direct lineage with the Holy Prophet through your father Sheikh Abu Saleh Moosa, who was a direct descendant of Imam Hassan.

You were a very devout and humble person, as well as a master of Jihad tactics and that is why they gave him the title of "Jangi Dost".

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was also blessed with direct lineage to the Holy Prophet through your mother Sayyida Bibi Ummul Khair Fatima who was a direct descendant of Imam Hussein. She was also a very pious person. The circumstances surrounding the blessed marriage of Hazrat Abu Saleh Moosa and Hazrat Bibi Ummul Khair were quite miraculous to say the least.

Predictions of your Birth
Sheikh-ul-Mashaikh, Hazrat Junaid Al-Baghdadi. You lived two hundred years before Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani and you predicted his arrival. When Sheikh Junaid al-Baghdadi once found yourself in a state of spiritual ecstasy, you said: his foot is on my shoulders

After coming out of this spiritual condition, your disciples asked you about these words. You said, "I was told that a great saint would be born at the end of the fifth century. His name will be Abdul Qadir Jilani and his title will be Muhiyuddin. He will be born in Jilan and stayed in Baghdad. One day, under the command of Allah, he will say, "My foot will be shoulders of all Awliya Allah." While I was in my spiritual state, I saw his excellence and these words were spoken by me without my control.

Imam Hassan Askari Sheikh Abu Muhammad said that Imam Hassan Askari gave his Jubba (Cape) to Sayyiduna Imam Ma'roof Karki and asked him to hand it over to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Sheikh Imam Ma'roof Karki passed this cape to Junaid al-Baghdadi. who in turn passed it to Sheikh Danoori. From there he was transferred to reach Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani in 497 A.H. (Makhzanul Qaaderiah)

Sheikh Abu Bakr ibn Thousawar lived before the time of al-Ghawar al-'Utam and was one of the prominent sheikhs of Baghdad. Once during his meeting, he said, "There are seven Iraqi high schools:

  • Sheikh Ma’roof Karki (ra)
  • Sheikh Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (ra)
  • Sheikh Bishr Haafi (ra)
  • Sheikh Mansoor bin Amaar (ra)
  • Sayyiduna Junaid al-Baghdadi (ra)
  • Sheikh Sahl bin Abdullah Tastari (ra)
  • Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra)

When Sayyidi Abu Muhammad, who was a mureed of Sheikh Abu Bakr asked,  We have heard and know six of these names, but the seventh, we have not heard of. O Sheikh! Who is Abdul Qadir Jilani?” Sheikh Abu Bakr replied by saying: “Abdul Qadir will be born towards the end of the fifth century Hijri and he will reside in Baghdad.” (Bahjatul Asraar)


According to authentic reports, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani you were born in a place called Cousin, located in Jilan (Persia). According to Imam Yaaqoot, Hamwi Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was born in a place called Bashteer.

Most historians agree that Neef and Bashteer were different names for the same place. Since you were was born in Jilan, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani has been known as al-Jilani. Regarding his birth, he personally states the following in his "Qasida-e-Ghausia": "I am Al Jilani, my name is Muhiyuddin and my banners float on the tops of the mountains."

As GOD Saying:

Reference of Resala Ghosal-Azam:
Translation: God said, OH Ghous, Ghous pak replied to GOD, my lord I’m here then GOD said, say that I’m here HO GOD Ghous,
I’m more Karim than Akram; I’m more Arham than Rahim (I’m merciful of all merciful, I’m kind hearted of all)

As Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Saying……

Translation: HO beloved come through the gate of my heart without veil cause there is nothing in my house except your sweet pain…………..

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani was a Non-Arab (ajami), so he wasn't fluent in Arabic and was having some difficulties because of it. Once The Prophet Muhammad came to him in a dream, before the time of the midday prayer (Zuhr), and he said to him: "O my dear son, why do you not speak out?" He replied: "O dear father, I am a Non-Arab man. How can I speak fluently in the classical Arabic language of Baghdad?" Holy Prophet said: "Just open your mouth!" He opened his mouth, and The Holy Prophet put his saliva seven times in his mouth. A few moments later,
Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib also came & did the same to him six times. And from that time, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani spoke classical Arabic language with fluency, his memory increased and he felt some great positive spiritual changes in him.
Once someone asked Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani about Mansur Al-Hallaj, he replied: "His claim extended too far, so the scissors of the Sacred Law (Shari'a) were empowered to clip it."
He busied himself for forty years in the service of the Islam from AH 521 to 561. During this period hundreds embraced Islam because of him and organized several teams to go abroad for the purpose. He arrived in Indian sub-continent in AD 1128, and stayed at Multan (Pakistan). He passed away in AH 561 (AD 1166) at the age of 91 years, and was buried in Baghdad.

Translation: World is the pub of Qalandar for all lovers of GOD, and I go to that pub like lovers, devotee of GOD, and like Qalandar.

My Foot is on the Neck of All Walis
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani uttered these words from the pulpit in Baghdad. All awliya, present and non-present, bowed their heads in submission. Unlike shatahat of some awliya, these words of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani were uttered in a state of sobreity, sahw. With the exception of Sahaba and the Imams of Ahle Bait, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani's foot is on the neck of all awliya.

As someone said……

Ghausul Azam is amongst the saints As Muhammad Mustafa (SW) is amongst the messengers (of God)

As Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani saying……

” I am al-Jili and Muhiyiddin is my name
My banners fly on the mountain tops
I am Hasani and my station is the “secret chamber”
My feet are upon the necks of the men
Abd al Qadir is my well known name
My Grandfather (PBUH) is the source of perfection.”

As Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani saying……

You said about your poetry book that people would read my poetry till judgment day like me; I have taught people in form of poetry, people can easily follow the path which I suggested them

Books of Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani

Titles of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
• Muhaiyudeen: the reviver of faith
• Piran-e Pir: the pir of pirs (master of masters)
• Mehboob-e subhani: the beloved of God
• Qutb-e Rabbani
• Meera'n: a title used for Sheikh Jilani by his devotees in Punjab
• Ghausul Azam: The Supreme Helper
• Hasani Hussaini: on account of being a descendent of Imam Hasan on father's side and Imam Hussain's descendent on mother’s side.
• Sultaan al-Awliyaa: The Sultan of the Saints.
• Sheikh: A term applied throughout the Islamic world to respected persons of recognized seniority in learning, experience and wisdom. Its basic meaning in Arabic is "an elder; a man over fifty years of age."

Roots of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani 

Gawth al Azam Sayyidina Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani, son of
Syed Abu Salih Musa , son of
Syed Abdallah al-Jili , son of
Syed Yahya as-Zahid , son of
Syed Muhammad , son of
Syed Dawud, son of
Syed Musa , son of
Syed Abdallah , son of
Syed Musa al-Jawn , son of
Syed Abdallah al-Mahd , son of
Syed al-Hasan al-Muthanna , son of
Sayyidina al-Imam al-Hasan , son of
Imam ul mashariqi wal magharib , Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Talib 

LAL Shahbaz Qalandar

Hazrat Syed Usman Marwandi (Sindhi ) Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was born in 538 A.H, (1143 AD) in Marwand Iran. (Reference  book, Qalandar Nama Sindhi)

Your father never thought of getting married because of prayers. With reference of book ‘lub Tarik Sindh’ one night Holy sole of Qalandar pak turns up in the dream of his father “Syed Ibrahim Kabiruddin” saying get married as I have to be born by you.
Your birth date, age and last days of your life are mentioned in (Qalandar Nama Sindhi).
Birth name of angelic nature baby was Syed Shah Hussain. But according to Tazkara-e-Shahbaz name USMAN was given to you by your father and grandfather.

This name was given by Hazrat Imam Hussain to his father and grandfather in their dream.
In Accordance with Alshahbaz book at the time of birth, your appearance was rosy which is why your father used to call you LAL red. (Sindhi. )
You had liked red colour since childhood and always used to wear red attire, holding a red flag. Even you had red eyes. All those things made you Lal.
You got the name Shahbaz from your Master named Hazrat Baba Ibrahim

You were also called saif-ul-lisan. Because God used to obey your every command as you devoted yourself to GOD. Your name is also written as Qutub-Uddin and Shams-Uddin.
His father, Syed Ibrahim Kabiruddin was a virtuous and pious dervish, and his mother was a high-ranking princess. His ancestors migrated from Iraq and settled down in Mashud Iran, from where they again migrated to Marwand. During the Medieval period, 

Mashud and other cities of that region were renowned centres of learning and civilization.

Even as a young boy, Usman Marwandi showed strong religious leanings. He learnt the Holy Quran by heart just at age of seven, and at twenty embraced the Qalandar order of Sufism.
“Basically Qalandari and Qadri orders are alike spiritually according to ILM Ali Qalandar”

Qalandar is a type of dervish who is generally dressed in beggars’ clothes, likes poverty and austerity and has no permanent dwelling.

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar wandered throughout the Middle East and came to Sind from Baghdad via Dasht-i-Makran. Valley of panjghoor (Baluchistan) near Rakshanh stream where you did spiritual exercise. This ground is remembered by your name DASHT-E-SHAHBAZ.

In 1263, he arrived in Lahore and then visited the shrine of Data Gunj Baksh you stayed in Lahore for forty days, in those days you visit shrines like, Hazrat Sheikh Hussain zanjani, Hazrat Syed Ishaq zanjani and Syed yaqoob zanjani after that you reach Sialkot and visit Hazrat Imam Ali la Huq then journeyed to Multan and meet Hazrat Ghous Bahauddin Zikria, and his great son Sheikh Sadr-Uddin Arif, which at that time was at the height of glory and splendour.

According to the famous book “Kashf-ul-lugat” Qalandar is he who is gone astray in the love of GOD.

As Iqbal put it …………………

Thousand of sorrows but the heart is the language of GOD. It has always been the way of Qalandari……

The people of Multan be sought him to stay but he continued his journey southward and eventually settled down in Sehwan, then a famous centre of learning and popular place of worship for Hindus, in the southern part of Sindh, where he lived in the trunk of a tree on the outskirts of the town. He stayed at Sehwan for six years and during this period he disseminated the light of Islam, providing guidance to thousands of people.

As Qalandar Saying…………………

Nameless and tongueless still I am the mystic of GOD. Nameless and mark less but still I’m the devote of GOD

Sehwan is probably the town with the oldest continuous existence in SINDH. Sehwan was the capital of a Buddhist ruler who was the brother of Chandragupta II, the third of the Guptan dynasty in the 4th century AD. From the time of Arab invasion in 712, Sehwan was very important in the history of Sind since it commanded the route from the Upper to the Lower Indus, through which all invaders from either north or south had to pass. And possession of the fort was essential to the success of every campaign.
Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is an overwhelmingly popular patron saint cherished and adored alike by Hindus and Muslims of Sind. He was a great missionary, mystic, scholar, philologist and poet. Several books in Persian and Arabic on philology and poetry are attributed to him. He was ‘Lal’ (red) because of his red attire, ‘Shahbaz’ due to his noble and divine spirit that soared like a falcon higher and higher in the boundless heavens and ‘Qalandar’ since he belonged to Qalandria order of Sufism and was saintly, exalted and intoxicated with love for eternal being of God.

As Qalandar Saying ………………

Entrance of Heaven is towards me but valueless without you. Houri and nymph are towards me but nothing without you.
I went to the heavens and lay down on the seat of GOD. Swear to GOD worthless without you,

The legend goes that the incumbent fakirs in Sewhan sent him a bowl of milk filled to the brim indicating that there was no room for anything more. But surprisingly, he returned the bowl with a beautiful flower floating on the top.

As Qalandar Saying…………………

I always do the devotional dance on fire in the love of my friend. At times on soil at times on thorns.

The shrine around his tomb, built in 1356, gives a dazzling look with its Sindhi Kashi tiles, mirror work and two gold-plated doors - one donated by the late Shah of Iran, the other by the late Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
The inner sanctum is about 100 yards square with the silver canopied grave in the middle. On one side of the marble floor is a row of about 12 inch high folding wooden stands on which are set copies of the Quran for devotees to read. On the other side, besides a bundle of burning agarbattis (joss sticks), are rows of diyas (small oil lamps) lighted by Hindu devotees.
The Hindus regarded him as the incarnation of Bhartihari, the saintly brother of King Vikramaditya, who is believed to have worshipped Shiva at the venue where Lal Shahbaz's shrine is situated with all its grandeur and glory.

Thousands of devotees flock to the tomb while every Thursday their number stands multiplied. Especially at the time of his ‘Urs’ (celebration anniversary) being a carnival as well a religious festival and celebrated every year on the 18th day of Sha’ban,

As Qalandar Saying…………………

My heart is filled with the love of GOD, neither depressed nor have the patience to my whole body,

Sehwan springs to life and becomes the focal point of more than half a million pilgrims from all over Pakistan. On each morning of the three-day feast, the narrow lanes of Sewhan are packed to capacity as thousands and thousands of pilgrims, fakirs and devotees make their way to the shrine to commune with the saint, offer their tributes and make a wish. 

Most of the people present garlands and a green chadar (a cloth used to cover a tomb) with Quranic inscriptions in silver or gold threads. The humming of verses, singing and dancing in praise of the saint continues till late at night.

A devotional dance known as ‘dhamal’, being a frenzied and ecstatic swirl of the head and body is a special ritual that is performed at the rhythmic beat of the dhole (a big barrel-shaped drum), some of them being of giant size and placed in the courtyard of the shrine. Bells, gongs, cymbals and horns make a thunderous din, and the dervishes, clad in long robes, beads, bracelets and coloured head-bands whirl faster and faster in a hypnotic trance until with a final deafening scream they run wildly through the doors of the shrine to the courtyard beyond.

Qalandar ILM Ali Shah Jilani

Syed Qalander ILM Ali Shah Jilani" was born in Muscat, to the town of chat in 1930. Your Spiritual Lineage, (Shajra Mubarak) Descendents meets "Hazrat Syed Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani".

Fundamentally, you have a place with District Chaghi Baluchistan Pakistan (Dalbandeen Ras Qoa Baluchistan), yet your progenitors are initially, from the "SARGAN" which is in Iran from here once a holy person of your family name is "Shai Hareen" settled in (SARGAN Qiblahi) of Iran. What's more, from here your father came in Sultanate of Oman (Muscat) where you were born.

Where you're's (Grandfather) whose genuine name was "Syed Baladi Shah Qadri Jilani" surely understood as "BLAH NOSH" which suggests the remover of BLAH (Evil Remover)

Your real name was "Syed Ghulam Shah Jilani" which was kept by your granddad. On account of your friendship and genuine romance with "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani", you used to call your Self Ghulam Jilani.

The name ILM Ali which you got from hazrat Ali

You constantly used to state that I am a Devotee of "Ghous-e-Azam". Furthermore, my name is ILM Ali.

Childhood life

In adolescence, at whatever point you used to set down in bed, Found yourself on the soil in the Morning. Father asked, you why don?t you rest in the bed.

So you stated, BABA in mid Night a peculiar voice comes saying (BO TURAB) and that voice is all that solid and Powerful that gets me up from the bed and put me on the dirt.

And after that, your father asked, you what is that voice you stated, (BO TURAB) and having Heard this your father got amazingly upbeat, and he would continue instructing you to state that word again and again and afterwards kiss your lips, And then your father said it implies you have a place with MOLA ALI.

ILM ALI said I have thought about Shams Tabriz and Mirza Ghalib by birth.

Over which your father stated, in light of MOLA ALI. When you were admitted to Madrasah. You used to begin perusing from where the educator lets you know, individuals began commending your father that he has taught his child in all respects early age.

At the point when your father asked: you. Who showed you the heavenly Quran? You stated, I sit close so thus the tree of date a chunk of soil accompanies an individual in it, who I can?t see even his nails are secured. He instructs me and after that goes.

Your mother moved you back to Sargan when your father passed away your mom sent you to the well known holy person of that term Gareeb shah, alongside one of her relatives,

So that he may favour you. When you came there from so far that holy person of GOD, saw you and waved you as to stop you. Also, got up from the Gathering and approached you, and asked, you the purpose behind entry so you stated,

My Mother has sent me here, as to be honored by you. With the goal that I may get well having heard that holy person stated, you can't be better then what you are. Furthermore, more stated the motivation behind why I have come to you all alone reason the more you come towards me the more I get Sinner. What's more, stated, be careful with Karachi, You stated, what is Karachi? He answered, where you will endure a great deal.

Your mother came to Karachi, in the wake of remaining for some time in the future, went to Meer poor khas.

Where your mother passed away. You and your brother begin living in the farm of Peer Ghulam Rasool Shah Jilani, Where peer sahib developed a few blossoms for a hallowed place which he has given to both of you,

Syed Ramadan shah had been poisoned and got the martyrdom. Who is laid to rest in this farm as well and after that, you begin living alone

You were significantly in Love with Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, the explanation behind favoritism to him, He had no idea how to eat how to sit how to walk, I mean totally pulverized in the love for Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani.

So you used to remain close-by in crashes, in the Search of Your Love. You all over lived alone wide open to the brutal components mountains, of Afghanistan Sometimes into the Blazing deserts of Sindh, prejudice to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani took you wherever remained to keep for a lot from days, used to eat leaves of trees to exist and the skin of melon by washing it.

You have never asked, nor disrespect your family. Furthermore, dependably conceal the way that you are a Real Syed with the goal that individuals may not say that Syed committed an error,

You were the supporter of Hazrat Syed peer Ibrahim Shah, in Qadri silsila, you are from Iraq and used to communicate in Arabic. Your eyes were all that amazing that at whatever point your eyes fell on something Directly, got burn into ashes, that?s why you used to put on dark glasses, by putting lime on the facade of glasses, Your holy place is in Kolkata (India).

From the Qalandari silsila Your lord was Syed sohlai shah bukari, who was of the Breed of your great grandfather little girl. She wedded to Shah Hussain Bukhari, who was the Follower of blahnosh, used to crowd his goats, You were a fabulous holy person. Due to Being devout and tolerance balanosh gave his girl to you, Hazrat Lal Shahbaz was your lord and you were near him.

You went to sewan, on the request of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, He requested you to not address there, and do the Service don't request anything do the reverential move a great deal and present heavenly Quran, also stay humble. Because LAL Shahbaz Qalander likes all these things,

So you Executed over each one of those things. Used to bring water for the holy shrine, Would serve the enthusiasts of God, Remained calm. Discussed heavenly Quran, and do the reverential move

You were all that destroyed in the love of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. that you got off at the Station and tie the rope all around your waist and ordered, to two men to drag you all the way up till the shrine,thats exactly what they did, You got bruises „and scratches all around your body after they dragged you, You used to go to the shrine, under the blazing sun. Cause of kneeing a lot you got lots of blisters, Once you were kneeing in the shrine.

Somebody stated, He is a real lover as he stated, so turned into a holy person.When shrine used to be Swept and wringed the water in the bucket so you would have that water.

You have said. I am a lover of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, but I became a devotee in The shrine of my master Lal Shahbaz Qalandar ,Sayed Saleh shah who was your master. Whenever he used to go to the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

Put you forward and never step into the shrine, until you enter into it. And Said, I am not accepted here without you, You spent most of your time in leyari Once you were staying at the convent of your master Peer Syed Ibrahim bahauddin,

where you prayed a lot and penance as well. You used to pray forty rokat each night,and would try a lot to recite the whole Quran, overnight but. Could not recite more than 15 chapters.

When you used to feel sleepy would put bitter oil in your eyes, Because of which your Eyes got affected,You used to get unconscious at times than people would sprinkle water on you as to bring you around. Your body used to get all that hot that people would put Clay all around your body.

You dug out a well in the same convent, Which was about 2 to 3 feet deep. And water was always available in it. People used to take water from the well .But no one ever thought of where this water comes from. After the construction .they Finished it, than fixed a holy flag on it. In the old term .you used to wear old pants and Shirts, In this area, a women of the age of about 40 used to live here. Who was were ordered to marry her, when your name was asked during „THE MATRIMONIAL VOW?. You said, ghulam jilani .when scholar started writing on a Paper so, pen started running itself and written sayed ghulam shah jilani, same thing Happened, when second paper was taken. Again, same thing when third paper was taken. So, your name was written as ghulam jilani at the end. This was your real name. After THE MATRIMONIAL VOW, you ordered your wife to be in cover. So, she said, I am too old. Why cover. After which successer of Baghdad sayed saalim jilani, Came into the dream saying .now, you have entered into our group so it is necessary for you to cover yourself.than your wife came to know that you are a syed and belong to Aaley baith. It is a matter of that time, when SAYED ABDUL QADIR JILANI, was a embasseder of Iraq in Pakistan.

Capital was Karach,it was a day of 12 Rabihul awal . You remain starve for so many days,you built up a mosque by the name of husaini madarsa ,you did not even have that much that you would do neyaaz for RASOOLPAK, you took a one jug filled with water and did fateha for RASOOLPAK and than distributed it to the pupils, of Mosque and got unconscious cause of starvation than you saw RASOOL PAK, He said, son open your eyes, you said no, I am a sinner ,I don?t deserve to see you ,RASOOL PAK said, open your eyes and see all kinds of neyaaz is being done in the city, population of this city is 36 lakes,GOD, has excepted your neyaaz of one jug of water out of 36 lake.
You always used to order people to said pray connect one lover to another . Not only did you fast punctually but feel good in serving the faster and said, my forfathers used to serve the faster .you have spent all your life in serving the poor, and needy. You respect shariya,and preach others to respect it as well.
You were fond of Qalanderana style. Someone asked you why don?t you build a house you said, write to me, that I will live in it for good. you spent everything in the name of GOD, and kept nothing for your own interest, you were deeply in love with BOALI SHAH QALANDER, you said, I am exactly like BO ALI SHAH QALANDER, 

you said, Respect your friends, truly neither expect anything of them, nor envy them,you said, longing for heaven and slogging for walahiyat is a sin as well more said, father belongs to the GOD, and mother to RASOOL, whoever convince father will win the favor of GOD, whoever convince mother will win the favor of RASOOL PAK,you used to work a lot and tell your followers, to work said, there is nothing like earning with your own hands, you were truthful. You said, do what you say ,whether you have to sell your house and more add that don?t say what you can?t do.BABA said,riskay halal is a light which put light in your body, you used to say, to your followers to not keep money for me as it is a sin,. When you said, its necessary for all of you to keep money as you have a family it is necessary for you all to be frugal .you had a peculiar personality. Sometimes you were hot-headed ,and all that hard that could not bear anything. Sometimes became all quite sometimes became a innocent baby and stutter like a baby. Sometimes all that clever that you would recognize the hypocrisy of people.

You would recognize whoever came from far and wide that why he is coming and the reason of arrival as well .even used to recognize the footsteps, sometimes used to do the devotional dance and said, this kalaam is mine. Whenever you used to talk so all in the conference would seem that you are referring to them, you have never hold grudge against anyone. you were very forgiving no matter what. you said, if I forgive people GOD would forgive me. you were all against cursing .you said, whoever will curse the umma of RASOOL PAK may it be a saint or anyone will be embarrass on the judgment day, before RASOOL PAK, all kind of people used to visit you and you would be very nice to them, as BOALISHAH QALANDER put it.