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Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri

Hazrat Data Ganj-e-Bakhsh Ali Hajveri was born in 400 AH. "Ghazni" in Afghanistan. You belong to Syed family "Heir of the Holy Prophet". He was the 9th heir of the Almighty Allah's Hazrat Ali Sher. After the destruction of "Carbobla", many successors of Hazrat Ali separated in different continents and among them, there were their ancestors who live in Afghanistan.

He was sacred with his mother sincerely for the Holy Prophet, heirs of Hazrat Imam Hussein. His mother was very loyal to spiritual rituals and was dedicated to pursuing the well-being and suffering of the needy. He achieved his earlier development of knowledge in Afghanistan by remembering the holy Quran.

Then he got Knowledge of knowledge, hadith, Arabic and Fick At that time a city of "Ghazni" Afghanistan was the central point of knowledge in Key Asia and its area was
The magnificent Afghan emperor Sultan Mahmud Ghajnavi

After receiving secular knowledge, he searched for religious knowledge. He travelled to various parts of the world for this specific purpose and straightened in "a divine observance of Hazarat Abulfazal Muhammad bin Khatli who was residing in Syria."

In Syria, he started his religious education under the counselling of Hazrat Abdul Fazal and he ate very little and took hard study and self-examination. He meets many Sufi sages on the journey of various countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and several Arab countries.
Soon, he ordered his divine teacher, Hazrat Abdul Fazal, to instruct him to go to Lahore for the religious guidance of Islam.

They said: "Hazrat Shah Hussain Zanjan is there for this work, so for what reason should I go there?" Hazrat Abul Fazl stated: "Don't ask questions for bus travels towards Lahore city

When he arrived in Lahore, he saw that people were bringing the coffin towards the graveyard for the funeral. He inquired who this funeral is? Individuals reacted, "This is the burial service of Hazar Shah Hussain Zanjan. Upon hearing that he guessed that his spiritual tutor ordered him to travel to Lahore. After reaching Lahore, he started preaching Islamic law and also built a mosque (mosque).

When Hazrat Ali Hazwari started constructing the mosque (mosque), its front was slightly towards the south and direction was not similar to that of the second mosque (mosque) of Lahore. Religious scholars of Lahore criticized but they did not respond.

When the mosque (mosque) was completely constructed, they gathered all the Islamic scholars of Lahore and said: "Your objection was that" The direction of Kaba "Kailbah" is wrong now to see yourself and see how Kaba is in exactly the direction! "For his surprise, he was sitting already
Holy Kaabaah in Mecca Surprised all religious scholars
To become a witness of his miracles and felt humiliated and apologized completely with heart.

He also constructed a building adjacent to the mosque (mosque) and used that structure as a "Khanqah" religious school. Many sceptics have agreed on Islam with their hands and many have conquered the highest level of spirituality under their counselling.

He joined the holy marriage twice, but soon after marriage, two of his wives died.

Hazrat Data Ganj-e-Bakhsh Ali Hajveri has spent his life educating, advising, encouraging and motivating and spent his life. Thousands of unscrupulous people converted into Islamic scholars, people of the people welcomed Islam, uncertainty started to follow the path straight, the predestined feeling and humility, became illegal and subject to his powers of wrongdoing went.

He has written various books, but this special book has a prominent place
The world of Sufism and it is written in Persian jargon. This distinctive publication is a symbol of Sufi ideology such as Marifat, Tariqat and Vayalayat, there are such ideas that they reflect the needs of a wider age. For example, this script was beneficial 900 years ago and is beneficial in the present time and by the time Allah Almighty desires it, it will be beneficial.

Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Auliya says that:

If you do not have one (Murshid), then you should explain this book and with the purity of reading it, you will search for yourself (Murshid). This book is like a free (Murshid) in Persian jargon, which shines like a light in the darkness along with any other race. This script is one of the finest and real scripts of Sufism. This very book on Sufism is attracting all the chief Sufi saints to get real consultation and it is considered as "Torah and Bible" of Sufism.

Hazrat Syed Ali Hujawari is also recognized as the Data Ganj Bakhsh, which affects the powerful physical location in holy times and is a famous Sufi scholar. Unlimited personalities accepted him as an intelligent Sufi scholar and his script is one of the best reliable books of Kash-al-Majab al-Sufism. Not only Sufi scholars have been described and described in this script, but there is also deep sitting limbs of real Sufi adequate. This special book (Kash Al-Mahzaob) illustrates the entire "Murshid" guidance. Islamic scholars and spiritual saints have fully advised the value of this particular book.

His script specially guides and liberates monk birds in a special way; Data violates the heart with the bright light that removes dirt, and readers of this book cut the real perception of Islamic laws (Shariat).

This definite book dips spiritual internal hearts and eliminates hidden obstacles within the characters. This special book has many Islamic ideals and lifestyle in which it is written in which the cold air of guidance is welcome for those who welcome this specific book. This script is very extensive because it helps the learners of Sufism at each and every age.

Hazrat Syed Ali Hujawari told in his book

O learners of Sufism, Almighty Allah can grant you with the compensation of both worlds, and he further says: By writing this book my ambition was to fulfil all the needs of the reader and to ensure that he received any other book This particular book cannot be more than sufficient for the learners of Sufism.


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