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Bulleh Shah

Biography of Baba Bulleh shah

Bulleh Shah is one of the best Sufi poets from in Punjab. His writings are still celebrated in all parts of the world. Baba Bulleh Shah is considered to be one of the most prominent Sufi Punjabi Muslim writers and scholars.

It  was conceived in 1680 in the town of Bahawalpur in Punjab, which in Pakistan. His full name was Abdullah Shah.

He was conceived in an extremely religious family, your father was a preacher in a mosque. His family had a long relationship with the Sufis.

Bulleh Shah spent most of his life wasting away from his education in Kasur, Pakistan till your death.

After receiving his traditional education in Kasur, Bulleh Shah became a Murid (student) of a famous spiritual master, Qadri Sufi Shah Inayat Qadri, who led him to spiritual awakening.

From these teachings, Bulleh Shah has spent his entire life searching for true self-realization and spiritual awakening. Bulleh Shah followed the Sufi guardian of Punjabi poetry, founded by eminent poets such as Shah Hussein, Shah Sharaf and Sultan Bahu.

He wrote various forms of Punjabi poetry, but most of his verses were numerous, which was a style of Punjabi poetry, Sindhi and Saraiki.

رانجھا رانجھا کر دی نی میں ، آپے رانجھا ہوئی
سدّو نی مینوں دھیدو رانجھا ، ہیر نہ آکھو کوئی

By repeating the mantra of Ranjha
By repeating the mantra of Ranjha
I myself have gone Ranjha

Bulleh Shah's number of caliphs is sung by the current Qawwals. They make the simplicity of advertising and the basic principles of life in their works better known.

He preached to leave his public ego and not worry about social gatherings if they want to meet God. Bulle is a very famous story from the life of Shah. This story shows his love and dedication to his guru and his relentless attitude towards society.

He preached to leave his ego from the public and not to worry about social gatherings if they want to meet God. Bulleh is a very famous story of Shah's life. This story shows his love and devotion towards his Guru and his unshakable attitude towards society.

That is why Bulleh Shah also dressed as a woman, hung up your hair and ran to your teacher Inayat Shah. It was the level of worship that he had for his teacher who had loved God.

Bulleh Shah's writings describe him as the savior of humanity because you offers solutions to the various social problems in the world around him as if they were presented.

Bulleh Shah passed away in 1757. It may be surprising, but it is a bitter truth that Bulleh Shah was rejected at the time of his death to bury the mullahs in the Muslim cemetery due to his unorthodox views.

But today your tomb in Kasur has become a place of worship and the richest people in the city have paid large sums to be buried for such a great soul ...


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